About The Lab

Dan Ludwigsen Acoustics Lab

This lab has a number of ongoing research projects involving the acoustics of musical instruments (trombone, kalimba, and djembe) and sound quality and localization, areas of psychoacoustics.  The workstations here feature software for modeling and analysis of acoustic problems, with high-end monitor speakers and audio hardware.

The lab supports research into vibrational characteristics of a variety of structures. Once dedicated to the study of softball and baseball bats under former faculty member Daniel Russell, this lab continues to serve students interested in experimental modal analysis. This technique obtains the vibrational mode shapes and frequencies of a vibrating object, offering a great deal of insight into performance and behavior in actual application. Expanding upon this capability, a large optical table is now in place in the lab, intended to be used for electronic speckle pattern interferometry and various other acoustic and vibration tests. During the last several years many students have assisted with vibration research on subjects as varied as acoustic and electric guitars, archery bows and hockey sticks.