Calculus II

Module 1: Integration of basic functions resulting from mathematical models and from observed data.

Motivating Examples

Example 1: Volume of a Solid

Example 2: Work Done by a Force in Moving an Object

Example 3: The Electric Field of a Line of Charge


Mini-Project 1: Automobile Velocity

Mini-Project 2: Crash Safety Test

Mini-Project 3: Design of a Rollercoaster

Mini-Project 4: Gini Index

Mini-Project 5: Total Cost and Profit

Module 2: Advanced applications of integration.

Motivating Examples

Example 1: Cancer Treatment

Example 2: Volume of a Solid

Example 3: Line Charge Project


Mini-Project 1: Capital Value

Mini-Project 2: Modeling Data

Mini-Project 3: Probability

Mini-Project 4: Surplus Mini Project

Module 3: Applications of infinite sequences and series.

Motivating Examples

Example 1: Financial Mathematics Example

Example 2: p-Series Example


Mini-Project 1: Alternating Series Application

Mini-Project 2: Bouncing Ball Problem

Mini-Project 3: Financial Mathematics Example

Mini-Project 4: Period of a Pendulum

Mini-Project 5: Series