Innovation-to-Entrepreneurship Across the University (i2e-AU)

A Program at Kettering University, i2e-AU, aims to create engineering graduates with an entrepreneurial mindset. This mindset will help them to not just solve problems and create innovative products, but also do this with customer needs and value creation in mind. Once a student has gone through this program they will know how to recognize opportunities as well as deliver their innovations to market place.

Kettering graduates will see themselves as capable change agents in the world, who are equipped with a compelling combination of:
• sound technical skills,
• strong work ethic, and
• adaptable entrepreneurial mindset.

To provide Kettering students with a combination of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular pathways for developing and practicing an innovation and entrepreneurial mindset that is valuable for diverse careers in large corporations, high-risk start-ups and social enterprises.

Dr. Massoud Tavakoli speaks about “Innovation to Entrepreneurship Across the University”:

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