Innovation to Entrepreneurship Course of Study – i2e-CS

Innovation to Entrepreneurship Course of Study – i2e-CS

The “Innovation-to-Entrepreneurship Course of Study” (i2e-CS) is a critical component of the i2e-Across the University program (i2e-AU) whereby an in-depth, cohesive and contiguous thread of courses will serve as a major curricular component of i2e-AU.

Program Goal and Overview

Innovation-to-Entrepreneurship Course of Study (i2e-CS) is an 18-credit elective sequence developed to ensure that students receive, in an immersion style, academic and practical exposure to innovation and entrepreneurship mindset. This course of study is designed based on the following fundamental principles:

  • Hybrid curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular pathways
  • Exposure in every school term
  • Development & practice of entre/intrapreneurship mindset
  • Multi-disciplinary synergy
  • Faculty coaching & peer-to-peer mentorship
  • Course credit for students
  • Recognition for students

The sequencing of the courses progresses from exposure to innovation activities (e.g. engineering design and applied science) in the Freshman year to an inquisitive exploration of the mindset and activities of successful and failed innovators and entrepreneurs in the Sophomore year. Meanwhile, the students are gradually encouraged and shown ways of recognizing opportunities and developing innovative ideas. In combination with peer-to-peer networking (through KES) and faculty mentorship, the students will continue to develop their innovation ideas through the Junior year while developing the broader mindset of intrapreneurship and venture development. This course of study will also provide a strong linkage for project ideas gathered/sponsored through the Center for Culminating Undergraduate Experience (CCUE). During the Senior year, the students will engage in skunkworks and prototyping activities with an eye on developing business models and commercialization pathways (or intra-corporate acceptance pathways) for their innovative ideas and/or products. The i2e-Creativity Lab (T-Space) will be available to support these activities.


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