Fall 2014 Week 10: Innovation SuperQuest Challenge

fall_2014_week_10_innovation-superquest-copy-682x102410th Week
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Recreation Center Pool

The Innovation SuperQuest saw 7 teams competing in the cardboard boat challenge to win the $300 prize money. Each team had to compete in a direct elimination to gain as many points in the pool by bringing back the rings to their base a midst trying to stay away from the exploding mines.

Winners of the Competition was the team of Ben Braskett, Chris and Jackie Letarte who won the $300

Second Place: Jason Chapman, Lance Menard, Soren Walker and Mitch to win $200

Third Place: Akshay Arugonda and Ashish Jadala to win $100

Fourth Place: Gowtham Subramanian and his team to win $100