INEN-202: Innovative Idea Development 200(2)

Prerequisites:  INEN-201 or program director approval

Co-requisites: Participation in KES

This course is designed to engage the students in acquiring the skills for recognizing opportunities for innovation. Students will learn to develop ideas into marketable concepts based on real customer needs. If needed, the students will be provided access to space and equipment for proof-of-concept development. Students will be required to participate in Kettering Entrepreneur Society discussions and networking. Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to:

  • Employ proven methodologies for opportunity recognition within or outside an organization
  • Develop well defined ideas for practicing innovation and entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship in the following years of their academic program
  • Formulate and describe the value proposition of their ideas for an appropriate market segment or organization

Terms Offered: Winter, Spring