INEN-401: Business Model Development 004(2)

Prerequisites: INEN-202 or program director approval

Co-requisites: BUSN-372, Participation in KES

This course is designed to coach the students in business model development and market analysis. The initial steps to creating a business plan and raising financial capital to launch a venture will be discussed. If needed, the students will be provided access to space and equipment for proof-of-concept development. Students will be required to participate in Kettering Entrepreneur Society discussions and networking. Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to:

  • Develop an appropriate business model for the ideas they formulated previously
  • Understand the importance of scalability and sustainability in a business model
  • Conduct market analysis
  • Recognize the basics of business plan and its relationship with business model
  • Recognize application of business model and business plan development to intrapreneurship

Terms Offered: Summer, Fall