Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering


These course materials represent an innovative approach to introduce freshmen engineering students to the fields of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The materials were developed for the IME-100 course at Kettering University.

These modules introduce students to electrical and computer engineering by providing fundamental concepts in electrical circuits, electronics, microcontrollers, programming, sensors and robots. The program offers abundant practical hands-on opportunities for the students to explore each of these topics. Tutorials are provided to help offer necessary background information on the topics. Students should review the tutorials for each course module before coming to class. This facilitates the learning process in the classroom and makes for effective utilization of class time.

The curriculum also aims to instill the Entrepreneurial mindset. The big picture of the main concepts covered in each topic will be explored by looking at related real-world applications and current technological innovations, through class discussions and research homework assignments. This raises the curiosity level of the students. They will be asked to make connections between different topics and relevant applications and present potential opportunities with customer value creation in mind.


Thtewolde_girma-mine course development was undertaken by Dr. Girma Tewolde, Electrical and Computer Engineering, with the support of the Kettering Internal KEEN Topical Grant which is sponsored by the Kern Family Foundation.