Metal Muscle

Our team strives to demonstrate gracious professionalism both on and off the field. We are fully committed to helping and giving back to the community, and make every effort to do so. We believe in motivating others, and in keeping a strong team spirit. We also emphasize the importance of academics, specifically in the areas of science, math, and technology. Metal Muscle, team 1506, is proud to be involved with the FIRST organization.


Our Beliefs

An important thing to understand about this team is that the most important thing to us is that the kids should have a good time, and learn.

We believe that the students should have as much say as the adults do in decisions. From the strategy for playing the game, to the robot’s design, to the team colors; the students get to pick it all.

We want our students to enjoy their experience with FIRST, so that they continue that experience and share it with others. Our students will also be trained on whatever aspects of the robot they are interested on.

Our students are going to “own” their robot. If they all think it will work, then go for it! They will understand how it works, how to build it, and how to fix it, because they’ll have been the ones who engineered and built it.

We also believe that FIRST is as much an involvement for the parents as the students. We expect parents to be dedicated to the team, and to attend parent-board meetings to coordinate logistics.