2018 Power Up

2018 Season:

Robot Reveal

Metal Muscle 2018 Season:https://frc-events.firstinspires.org/2018/team/1506

2018 Season Results:

Kettering #2:  Finished the qualification matches in 4th place.  Became Captain of the 3rd seed alliance (#1506, #314, #5533).  Winner of the Gracious Professionalism Award.


photos by Dan Ernst

Shepherd: Finished the qualification matches in 1st place.  Captain of the 1st seed alliance (#1506, #6733, #7226). Overall event Winner.  Winner of the Chairman’s Award.  Gabrielle Malson winner of the Deans List – Semi Finalist award.


Michigan State Championship: Consumers Energy Division –  Nocked out in Quarterfinals.
Gabrielle Malson winner of the Deans List – Finalist award

 FIRST Championship Detroit (Worlds):
Tesla Division – Team 1506 was Rank 33 with a record of 5-5-0

  • FIRST Dean’s List Award (Gabrielle Malson)


Robotics Championship China & Qianjiang International Robotics Invitational:
Team 1506 was Rank 11 with a record of 13-4-0



Winning Alliance with:

* Team 694 – StuyPulse (2nd seat Alliance Captains)
* Team 5522 – Stargazer


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