The NVHEM Lab houses a variety of equipment and resources necessary to conduct structural dynamic, acoustical, modal analysis, and control system experiments and modeling. The following items are available to students:

Major Hardware/Acquisition Systems

  • Digital Image Correlation Measurement System including the Vibration Module and Non-Contact Full-Field Dynamic Strain Measurement System

    • The DIC system is a cutting edge system in necessary strain and displacement measurements across various disciplines and fields. It is a ready to use and complete system used to measure the shape, displacement, and strain of surfaces in three dimensions with great accuracy.


  • SCADAS III BPROC x 2 SCADAS 3 Data Acquisition Systems by LMS Instruments

    • This system delivers data in formats required for all types of noise, vibration, and durability measurements.


  • Shaker System: ISA 750 Professional Amplifier by QSC and Model 2100 E11 Modal Exciter 100 lbf by The Modal Shop

  • WSDA® -Base -104 -LXRS® and V-Link V-Link® -LXRS®  by LORD Microstrain

    • A wireless seven channel analog input sensor and gateway for strain data acquisition


  • Newport 5′ x 2.5′ Optical Table
Additional Instrumentation Includes:
  • Function generators
  • Two channel digital storage oscilloscope
  •  Wide range strain indicator
  • Power supplies
  • Hundreds of a variety of strain gauges