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Issue 3 Winter 2017

Mott Building SculptureDean of Engineering’s Lunch With Students

By Robert Lyman
Distribution Editor

On Thursday, February 9, a group of students and faculty gathered in AB 1817 for a free lunch and a discussion on the future of the College of Engineering, hosted by Dean Craig Hoff. He began by telling the story of how the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) came to Michigan from Texas before mentioning some important things he learned during his career.

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Interview with Dr. Sullivan

By Rebecca Roughton
Layout Editor

A year ago, The Technician featured an interview with Dr. Laura Sullivan, a Mechanical Engineering professor who has been incredibly active within Flint in making changes to help the community through the Flint Water Crisis and many of the issues associated with it. I was given an opportunity again to meet with Dr. Sullivan to discuss what has changed in the last year, where things are today, what other issues still need to be tackled, and any other information residents need to hear.

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Faculty Speaker: Dr. Young

By Adam Lecznar

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) hosted a speaking luncheon for Kettering Professor Justin Young on Thursday, February 23, 2017. Professor Young, an Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering at Kettering University, with focus in Ergonomics and Biomechanics, gave an overview of one of his research projects with his presentation, ‘Touchless Interfaces: Challenges for the Future of Human-Machine Interaction,” which was held in Room 1-819 of Kettering’s Academic Building.

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Service Saturday

By Jacob Hankerd
Online Editor and Public Relations

March 4th was the date of this month’s Service Saturday, which as most Kettering students know happens once per month. This March the featured event was the continued Kettering assistance of The Maker’s Space and their new workplace: Factory Two. This event included 12 volunteers who were all associated to Beta Theta Pi. The task of this specific group was to reassemble the many shelving units that had been previously been torn down for transportation.

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