The Technician: Here We Are!

The better question is, where were we? The answer: neither here nor there. Well, technically, we have been in the background. Well, since we haven’t published anything since last summer, it would make sense of how one could have been mistaken. We understand that but know that we experienced a complete and utter catastrophic failure of being able to layout and therefore publish content. We had content to publish, but the software we used stopped working (for various reasons that I will elect not to go on about). The situation was not recoverable, nor was an alternative available for us to fully utilize that term until now. We have completely revamped our website, and will now be publishing content 100% online, right here. Someday, when the technology would allow us to, and there is demand, we may print physical copies again. Until then, much like the classes around here and around the country, we are going to be online-only.

We’re still meeting weekly every Monday during the common hour lunch, and our submission policy is unchanged. We are looking for interested students to join our team and write or take pictures for us. We’re working on some good stuff as we close out the term, and we hope you like it.

I’d like to take a moment to provide a direction update for The Technician. As we’ve been meeting virtually, our workload has dramatically decreased. There has traditionally been a massive demand for content and tight deadlines. Now, staff can work at a more relaxed pace and focus on content that matters to them, have it be polished, as well as not stress about the newspaper and their school work. Staff can take the time they need on quality content and need not worry about producing small lesser quality content to fill space.

I’m very excited about our revitalized future and hope those interested will stop by and visit. It’s not all about writing, you know…

For more information or inquiries, please contact us at

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