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But it’s boring. It takes too much time. I don’t like writing. I’m not really interested. I don’t have enough time. I’m too busy. No one cares. No one reads it. It’s not modern enough. My attention span is the length of a tweet, and I’m not mature enough to be able to read a news article made by my peers who put a lot of time and effort into it.

If any of the preceding statements sound familiar to you when thinking about the school newspaper, it’s time we rectify the situation. 

No, it’s not. Whether something is boring or exciting is subjective to the eye of the beholder. Some people think rocks are exciting. Others don’t. You don’t unilaterally dismiss geologists because their field is “boring,” now do you? (The correct answer is no). 

One can spend as much or as little time they want on anything in life. Do you want to have something to be proud of to show your peers and love ones? Take the time to make something nice. Don’t really care and have a “meh” attitude? Then maybe a re-evaluation of one’s priority’s are due. 

I don’t like homework, but I do it anyway. As this is college, we do a lot of writing. We have done a lot of writing up and to this point, and we will continue to do so until we die. Yet, why not write about something you want to write about? You like Jazz? Write about Jazz. Do you like Cars? Write about cars! It’s not overly complicated. Whatever your heart desires, write it. Before you’re stuck writing test reports and sales presentations for the rest of your life. 

Interest levels can change with time and experience. Not many people can say they have been published in a newspaper. It’s a good resume builder, even if you only submit a piece and aren’t on the staff full time. However, one can’t really evaluate if they do or don’t like something until they try it out. For example, I didn’t like Brussels Sprouts as a young lad. I thought they were gross. But I tried them, and as it turns out, they aren’t that bad. Maybe you’ll like it, perhaps you won’t, but at least you’d know for a fact opposed to not liking something to just not like it. 

Writing news articles doesn’t take that long if you don’t want them to. Now that we are online-only, there are no deadlines. That means you can take as long as you want or be as fast as you desire to release articles. An old problem we had is by the time our paper hit the stands, the news itself was already 2 or 3 weeks old, or more. Now we can publish as things as they happen, so it’s fresh and enjoyable for everyone. 

You can focus on your school work and write news stuff on the side. You don’t even have to write. We like photos too! And a picture is worth a thousand words, you know… Besides the content commitment, the only other thing we do is meet weekly during lunch. That’s it. If you can’t take an hour to sit through a meeting and maybe some time on the weekend to write or photograph something, then perhaps you’re a little too busy. Trust me, I’d know. 

To those that “don’t care” or say that “nobody reads it,” first of all, ouch. We may be small as it stands, but, as I mentioned earlier, we take time to make things we care about and publish it for the benefit of everyone. Not everyone is gonna like it, and some may not care, but that is just how things work. You probably would care if Einstein’s got a new bagel or there was a sidewalk closure, or there was an event to win gift cards at, though, wouldn’t you? You’d also care if there were no resources to answer your questions about various things on campus, or even your own questions or inquires on things happening on campus, like Registrar or ASC Policy updates. If only there was a dedicated team of people there to investigate the truth and hold others accountable… That would be oddly convenient. Oh, wait… 

And FYI, we conducted a survey to answer the rhetorical question I alluded to, and of 82 respondents, 44 (53.7%) said yes they have read the newspaper. Of the 38 that said no to the previous question, another 20 (52.6%) said yes they’ve heard of us. Which means, whoever answered “0” on BlackBoard for the “Number of Readers of the Newspaper” question got 0/10 points because 44>0. Please try again. 

As for those that don’t think it’s modern or relevant enough, of one’s attention span is too short, we hear you. That’s why we ditched paper. Besides the fact that we actually couldn’t publish anything on paper thanks to our layout software going kaput, we’re 100% online. This means quick links from our Twitter or Instagram to our snazzy web articles so you can get your news lickety-split. I realize I’m closing in on 1000 words and those with tweet brain have already departed, but I’ll conclude with this:

The Technician is The Student Voice of Kettering University. That means it’s up to the students, us, to voice our concerns, investigate them, and report on our findings, for the best of our campus community. Contact us to find out more, and I hope to see you around!

Here’s a good one: besides a great resume builder, how about a place of extra credit? Now I know what you’re thinking, “my professor will never go for it” or I’m not in a COMM class right now. To that, I say try [them]. You’d be surprised. You don’t even have to be in a COMM Class. You could be in a MECH Class. If you wrote it and want it published, talk to your professor to see if they’ll give you extra credit and submit it to us, it’s that easy! I literally asked my professor (Hi Professor!), and she said that it would be an excellent idea for her class, so here we are. Me, writing an article about how you should contribute something to the newspaper, getting extra credit for contributing something to the newspaper. A win-win in my eyes. 

You don’t even have to do “news” articles. We have editorials, comics, puzzles, reviews (like movies, games, and such), sports (especially those IM’s), stuff around town, and pictures. Especially pictures. You could even send over a research paper or essay. If it’s up to snuff in the eyes of our submission policy, we’ll publish it. Not sure? Ask us. We don’t bite. 

And like I said earlier, you won’t know till you try it!

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