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Kettering Adopts Honorlock Proctoring Service for Winter 2021 Term

It was an innocent Tuesday, but at 9:10 AM the morning of December 8th, 2020, Kettering dropped the startling announcement–subtly nestled into the Bulldog Weekly. Four announcements in and two-paragraphs long, the university announced that we would be using the Exam Proctoring service “Honorlock.” We have yet to be informed of what content delivery method (in-person, hybrid, or online) will be for Winter 2021, but this was an exciting development. We have emailed President McMahan about this, but he has not yet returned our request for comment. Continue reading

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Welcome B-Section!

This is your [section] Editor-In-Chief, Mikka Lawson. The Technician will be at the Club Expo tomorrow (Sunday, October 4th), recruiting for our open staff positions, and we’re excited to seeing your masked (but hopefully smiling) faces! Looking forward to a … Continue reading

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Opinion: In-Person > Online > Hybrid

Sometime last week, you may have come across a survey regarding Pass/Fail and opinions on in-person, hybrid, and online classes. As can be seen in the title, I am here to explain why although hybrid was made with the intention of integrating the best of both online and in-person, it still needs time to be better than either. Continue reading

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