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Issue 2 Winter 2016

Laura Sullivan Mechanical EngineeringInterview with Professor Laura Sullivan

By Becca Roughton
Staff Writer

Kettering University has recently had the honor of having one of its professors be appointed to the Flint Water Interagency Coordinating Committee (FWICC), a recently established committee of proactive individuals set to help aid with the Flint Water Crisis. Dr. Laura Sullivan, a mechanical engineering professor, has been working for years to better Flint, and now she has been given the opportunity to make a great impact regarding the Flint Water Crisis. I had the opportunity to sit down with her and discuss her appointment, her current work, and her hopes for the future.

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Dr. Tackett Cancer Research

By Jacob Hankerd
Online Editor

Cancer. A word that is often tossed around, and has touched almost anyone you could talk to.  There are many different kinds of cancers, and unfortunately not many solutions. One of Kettering’s staff, Dr. Ronald Tackett, recently gave a lecture on possible ways to treat specific cancers.

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Art Center Reception

By Adam Lecznar

Students, faculty, and members of the Flint community were invited to Kettering’s Humanities Art Center on Tuesday, February 2nd to take part in the opening reception of the newest art exhibit to be seen at the school, titled “Identity & Image.”

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Film Festival Review

By Juwan Jamison
Student Submission Writer

Crowded cities of the world have turned methods of transportation into a competition. The majority of people opt to travel by car, but a growing number of are choosing to ride bikes instead. The ongoing disagreements between those who support integrating bike lanes onto roads and those who don’t have even led to deaths in certain places.

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