Kettering University’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates (UPIR-REU)


The Kettering University Research Experiences for Undergraduates is a National Science Foundation-sponsored program that empowers motivated undergraduate students in the science and engine

img_9641-min-1ering fields to participate in summer research projects.

Kettering University’s REU theme is “Utilizing Plants for Innovative Research (UPIR): Cultivating the Next Generation of Scientists and Engineers” and is an 8 week program that brings together interdisciplinary teams of researchers and undergraduate students to conduct cutting-edge plant-themed research.

Collectively, we are passionate about the ideas of using green energy to reduce fossil fuel consumption, exploring natural compounds for medicinal uses, reducing waste by using natural composite materials, and utilizing novel approaches to phytoremediation.


By forming interdisciplinary teams across scientific and engineering borders, we are excited and determined to tackle these problems together. We will offer trainees not only mentorship and training in research but also we are eager to equip and prepare them to succeed professionally beyond our program.  Research trainees will have the opportunity to work with at least two mentors from our areas of expertise in applied biology, chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, or physics.  We are interested in equipping students for real world research exploring some of the most important challenges facing our society today.

The 2019 Summer UPIR REU program will be held from June 23, 2019 to August 16, 2019.  Each UPIR REU participant receives a $550 stipend per week during the eight weeks of the program ($4,400 total).  Housing was provided at the Campus Village apartments at Kettering University. Each participant is provided with $100 per week for food. Kettering pays the round-trip cost to and from the REU site.