2017 Cohorts

marissa-bradley-minMarissa Bradley

Utilizing Environmentally Friendly Superheated and Supercritical Fluids to Extract Medicinal Compounds

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Thoughts about Kettering’s REU Program: I had a positive and rewarding experience in the Kettering REU program. I enjoyed applying what I learned in my university classes to a research project with applications outside of the classroom. The project I worked on allowed me to develop skills in biological, chemical, and engineering research. Because my project was interdisciplinary, I was able to work with multiple mentors who each taught me new skills. My mentors both supported me and challenged me to put forth my best work. Each day at Kettering I performed different tasks which contributed to my overall project. I enjoyed the excitement of learning multiple assays and analysis methods which together supported my final conclusions. While working and living with the other REU students, I learned about their projects and taught them about my own. I learned more than I expected about research methods, applying to graduate school, presenting technical information effectively, and working on a collaborative team. In addition to working in the lab, I enjoyed the fun weekend trips with the other students and our mentors. As a result of this summer research program, I began to consider graduate school as an opportunity for me to gain additional research experience before entering industry. My experience at Kettering has made me more confident in my abilities as a student and scientist.

Current Status: Currently, I am completing my bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering at Lawrence Technological University. I plan to present data from my REU experience at a poster session of ASBMB conference and the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters.

Future Plans: After graduation, I hope to attend graduate school to earn a master’s degree in biomedical engineering or a related field. Following graduate school, I hope to obtain a research position in industry.

tya-chuanromanee-minTya Chuanromanee

Quantitative Analysis of Leaf Shape

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REU gave me a way to get into research as an undergraduate. I loved the freedom to explore my own questions and work at my own pace. My mentors were very helpful and gave me direction when I needed it. They helped inspire me to be better and to do better. My experience with the Kettering REU is a significant reason why I chose to go to graduate school.

Current Status: I’m on my last year at Kettering, majoring in computer engineering and finishing up my courses and my thesis. I’m planning to present a paper at MASAL about my research at REU on March 9, 2018.

Future Plans: I’ve applied to 8 interdisciplinary computer science graduate programs, so fingers crossed!  After graduation, I hope to be in graduate school doing cool research.

cameron-ferderer-minCameron Ferderer

Surface engineering plant fibers using atmospheric plasma for use in biocomposites

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 I had a wonderful experience in the REU program I met great people who helped me to learn and discover a great deal in the short time I was there. 

Current Status: I am currently taking full time classes at Mott Community College and plan to transfer to chemical engineering at Kettering University next year.

Future Plans:  I hope to work in Research & Development in an industrial company.

ilana-silva-minIlana Silva

Utilizing Environmentally Friendly Superheated and Supercritical Fluids to Extract Medicinal Compounds

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Conducting research at Kettering provided me an opportunity impactful to my professional development. The internship with Kettering REU was an excellent opportunity to sharpen my lab skills, connect with scientists, and learn to better develop my critical thinking abilities. Additionally, cellular research is exciting to me, and I enjoyed being exposed to the level of study through tissue culture and cell viability bioassays. My favorite part of the Kettering REU program was the invaluable mentorship I received. My research mentors were insightful, positive, and encouraging. When not in lab, I enjoyed connecting with fellow research interns whether it was through a movie night, a day of hiking, or exploring downtown.

Current Status: I am currently a fourth-year biology student at Oral Roberts University.

Future Plans: Post undergrad, I will teach for approximately four years in Tulsa, OK. Following this four-year commitment, I am hopeful to attend a graduate program with a medical focus.

joelle-strom-minJoelle Strom

Use of a fluorescent epicatechin conjugate to track localization in H9c2 cardiomyoblast cells

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I performed interdisciplinary research to investigate the role that tea catechins might play in the prevention of heart disease. In addition to background literature searches, I completed organic synthesis and separation methods, used analytical chemistry instruments, and cultured cells, combining essential biochemistry and molecular biology techniques. I enjoyed the opportunity to develop these skills and conduct some self-directed research, and it was amazing to be able to share this experience with the other students I met in the program.

Current Status: I am currently a junior studying biochemistry and molecular biology at University of South Carolina. I am working in a molecular biology lab and am involved in the student chapter of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Science communication is a strong interest of mine, so I volunteer for science outreach programs and am editor of a magazine that promotes cross-discipline dialogue about research.

Future Plans: After I graduate, I plan to earn a master’s degree in professional/science writing and become a public information officer.

tina-wheeler-minChristina “Tina” Wheeler

Investigating Intraindividual Variation and Mutation Within an Apple Tree.

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My experience at Kettering really got me out of my comfort zone in the best way. And it pushed me to learn new things while simultaneously teaching me how to work with people from different disciplines. We really formed a close knit network of professors and students from several different disciplines.

Current Status: Junior Cell and Molecular Biology major at Grand Valley State University and am a Chemistry tutor.

Future Goals: I plan on continuing my education after Grand Valley by going to earn a Ph.D. to use for either Industry or Academic research.