Kettering AutoDrive Team Wins SAE Collegiate Cup




The Kettering AutoDrive team won the 2021 SAE Collegiate Cup on Feb. 25 after presenting a season recap video and answering questions via Zoom.

“I’m pleased with the students’ performance, but it is not a surprise,” said Dr. Craig Hoff, Dean of the College of Engineering. “Our students are great at presenting to professional audiences. It is something that they all learn through the participation in our unique co-operative education program.”

The competition was split into two phases. Kettering Baja, Kettering Formula SAE, Kettering AutoDrive, Central Michigan Baja and Central Michigan Formula SAE competed in the first phase.

Each team was tasked with creating a 15-minute video based on its “Design Series” project.

Based on the videos, judges selected Kettering AutoDrive, Kettering Baja and Central Michigan Baja to move on to the next phase.

In this phase, questions focused on how the pandemic affected the teams and competitions, and how teams ensure future generations of teams stay strong and sustainable.

Kettering AutoDrive was named the winner and received a $500 prize and the Collegiate Cup.

To view the videos, click here.