Your Wellness Wednesday Tips


A group of Kettering staff members came together to consider ways they might help each of us learn some new ways to take care of ourselves. That was the genesis of Wellness Wednesdays, a weekly guide to self-care.
The goal is to offer ways to promote positive and healthy self-care and a way to reduce stress in your life. Each week, an overview of the week’s activities will be provided here.
Please join all of us in supporting our Kettering values by caring for ourselves and those around us and take some time to try one or more of the options presented. If you would like to provide feedback on Wellness Wednesdays and its activities or contribute an idea, email
  • Gratefulness Journal: Continue with your gratefulness journal with a list of reasons you have to be happy today. Focus only on the positive.
  • One Minute of Relaxation: Breezy Winter
  • Bibliotherapy: Continue reading Gratitude by Oliver Sacks, who is a neurologist who wrote “Awakenings,” which inspired the character played by Robin Williams in the movie of the same name.
Other considerations:
  • Watch an Old Movie: Old movies inspire gratefulness. Consider one of these classics: “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “Annie,” or “Mrs. Doubtfire”