Kettering Entrepreneur Society

Kettering Entrepreneur Society’s Mission

“To promote the entrepreneurial mindset through learning, mentoring, networking, and the pursuit of seed-funding.”

KES seeks to…

•   promote the sharing of ideas

•   encourage an entrepreneurial mindset

•   provide an environment for peer mentorship

•   serve as a resource for student-owned businesses

•   propel learning opportunities with seed-funding support

Kettering Entrepreneur Society meets once a week on the 5th floor of Campus Center at 8:00 pm. KES is a student run society, which welcomes everyone who wants to learn more about innovation and becoming an entrepreneur. You don’t have to have a company or an idea to participate; if you share the common interest, you are welcome to join. So far, there have been over 30 student owned companies established to Kettering Entrepreneur Society.

For more information please visit the Kettering Entrepreneur Society’s website at