Chavan, Abhishek

abhishekChavan, Abhishek
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An astute researcher having a great exposure to projects involving development of Mobility of the Future, Abhishek Chavan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical and Automation (Mechatronics) Engineering with a minor degree into Biomedical Engineering. Has worked on 7 projects during his undergraduate degree which speak for his keen interest in Research and Development. Owing to his passion for Automobiles, he steered his career to pursue Master’s in Automotive Systems even after landing a decent job in the Automobile Industry, to learn more in depth about the science of automobiles. He is currently focused on working over the Acoustic Model of Automobile Tires to tackle the issues of tire noise. Channelizing his skills to device techniques and models to minimize the tire noise which is indeed a prominent source of noise in uber quiet electric vehicles and modern IC engine powered vehicles.