GM Elastomer Modeling

Nonlinear Modeling of Elastomer Mounts and Bushings (Funded by GM)

NVHEM Lab develops a frequency and amplitude dependent nonlinear model for bushings and mounts

Accurate models for elastomer mounts are crucial in vehicle dynamics simulations. In this project, a new technique is proposed that can be used to model the nonlinear elastomer mounts in multi-body dynamic (MBD) simulations. The proposed model captures bushing nonlinearities that occur in stiffness and damping due to large deformations and change in the excitation frequency. The parameters for this model are identified using a nonlinear fitting optimization algorithm. As part of this work, a GUI is developed and the model will also be implemented into MBD packages. The numerical model of the joint will be used for handling, ride, and NVH simulations providing design engineers a better tool for virtual testing and virtual prototyping.

Project team: Dr. Javad Baqersad; Dr. Khalil Alipour; Nitin EdlaSandesh Prabhu