Mange, Aakash

aakashUmesh Mange, Aakash

Aakash Umesh Mange has completed his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from VIT University, India and has graduated his Master’s in Automotive Systems at Kettering University. He worked as a Graduate Research Assistant under Dr. Javad Baqersad. Having presented his results of Impact Testing on a scaled airplane model sparked his interest in the research field of NVH. His thesis research involves using a non-contact digital image correlation method to measure the vibrations of a rolling tire.

Kettering University’s FSAE car was loaded on the dynamometer to obtain the mode shapes and frequencies of the racing tire in rolling conditions. He is also working on developing a mount which can support high-speed cameras on a car tire to study the dynamic properties of a tire when the vehicle is moving. For acoustics, he has experimentally studied the electric motor noise.