Panchal, Rakshita

rakshitaVivekananda Panchal, Rakshita
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Rakshita Panchal has completed her Master’s in Automotive Engineering at Kettering University and works as a Graduate Research Assistant in the Experimental Mechanics Lab on FEA and NVH related studies. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from UVCE, Bangalore, India. Prior to enrolling in Kettering, she kick started her career in 2014 with TATA Consultancy Services as CAE Engineer working on Powertrain structural components of General Motors for a period of two years.

Her research involved gauging the natural frequency of Human Skin using Digital Image Correlation, non-invasive imaging technique and correlate the results using Finite Element Analysis. The proposed methodology is expected to differentiate between the healthy and diseased skin. On the Acoustics side, she was involved with a project to curb the noise generated from electric motors in EV by simulating in LMS. Virtual Lab. Her research interests lie in Noise and Vibrations, Acoustics and FEA.