Frederic Dollmann

Frederic Dollmann is currently working in the NVH lab as a research assistant. He is a graduate student and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics with a major in automation from Reutlingen University in Germany. After a Bachelor’s Thesis in Automotive Software he Focuses his master’s program on advanced Control systems and Artificial Intelligence. Currently he is doing  an exchange term at Kettering university bringing his Knowledge and coding experience to the NVH Lab.

He currently  works training methods for Neural Networks with  Physics Informed Deep learning to accurately describe vibrating systems. For this he uses the machine learning framework PyTorch with Cuda and utilizes the Kettering University High-Performance Computing cluster.


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Wookjin (Gabriel) Eum


Wookjin (Gabriel) Eum is currently working as a graduate research assistant in the NVH and Experimental Mechanics lab under the supervision of Dr. Javad Baqersad. After completing his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at The George Washington University in Washington DC, he worked for nearly two years as a mechanical design engineer for an energy engineering and consulting company before joining Kettering University in Summer 2021 to pursue his Master of Science in Engineering degree in Mobility Systems.

His current research lies in the field of vehicle dynamics and multibody dynamics, focusing on analysis and simulation for elastomer bushings for automotive applications using MSc ADAMS and MATLAB GUI. His research interests include the integration of ADAS/AV and driver-focused cars, and energy-efficient mobility solutions


abhishekChavan, Abhishek
1 – (810) 288-5740

An astute researcher having a great exposure to projects involving development of Mobility of the Future, Abshiehk Chavan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical and Automation (Mechatronics) Engineering with a minor degree into Biomedical Engineering. Has worked on 7 projects during his undergraduate degree which speak for his keen interest in Research and Development. Owing to his passion for Automobiles, he steered his career to pursue Master’s in Automotive Systems even after landing a decent job in the Automobile Industry, to learn more in depth about the science of automobiles. He is currently focused on working over the Acoustic Model of Automobile Tires to tackle the issues of tire noise. Channelizing his skills to device techniques and models to minimize the tire noise which is indeed a prominent source of noise in uber quiet electric vehicles and modern IC engine powered vehicles.

anandKrishnasarma, Anand
1 – (813) 482-8443

Anand Krishnasarma is currently working as a graduate assistant under Dr. Javad Baqersad in the NVH and Experimental Mechanics lab. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Dubai, UAE. After his Bachelor’s, Anand went on to work as a product development executive for Central Motors & Equipment- Dubai, UAE (the exclusive dealers of Bosch Automotive and Osram Automotive in the UAE) for two years, before joining Kettering University in the fall of 2017 to pursue his Master’s in Engineering (concentration in automotive systems).

At this point in time, he is involved in the acoustics extension of the NVHEM lab and is working on a project that is aimed at reducing motor generated noise mainly owing to electromagnetic interference in electric vehicles. The final acoustical simulation will be done using LMS virtual.lab. His research interests lie in NVH and Acoustics, and Vehicle Dynamics.

Han, Yunlong

Yunlong Han is currently a graduate student in Master of Engineering in Automotive Systems Engineering Program at Kettering University. He is a Graduate Research Assistant and has been conducting research in Composite Material Nondestructive Testing, Digital Image Correlation Testing and Acoustic Emission Testing under the guidance of Dr. Javad Baqersad since 2018. His research includes studying the failure pattern of composite materials, composite material testing, and failure prediction. He is currently conducting research in studying the correlations between DIC measurement and acoustic emission measurement based on carbon fiber fatigue test.


Prashant Jadhav is currently working as a graduate assistant under Dr. Javad Baqersad in the NVH and Experimental Mechanics lab. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Imperial College of Engineering, Pune, India. After his Bachelor’s, Prashant went on to work as a Automotive Product Engineer- design & development for Mahindra Engineering Services (working offshore for Navistar International) for two years, before joining Kettering University in the fall of 2018 to pursue his Master’s in Engineering (concentration in automotive systems). His undergraduate projects like the modal analysis of chassis and professional work experience in the BIW/Chassis component design boosted his interests in the NVH, structural dynamics & testing domain.

He is currently working on contact and non-contact methods of  testing of mechanical systems using LMS test.lab & DIC (Digital Image Correlation) respectively. He is also working for the SAE Autodrive team for the operational modal testing of roof rack and effects of vibration of the LIDAR mount. He is also working on the acoustics extension, as he plans to pursue his thesis on vibro-acoustic analysis of electric motors for noise reduction.


Nitin Reddy Edla is currently working as a graduate assistant in the NVH and Experimental Mechanics lab under the supervision of Dr.Javad Baqersad, while pursuing his mater’s in Automotive Systems at Kettering University. During his undergraduate he has actively participated in FASE and BAJA with focus on Vehicle Dynamics aspects. He then went on to work as a Vehicle Test Engineer at Advanced Structures India, India. He has hands on experience with brake testing validation, vehicle handling, tire testing, and full vehicle NVH.

His current research is focused on developing Non-linear bushing model to improve the accuracy of NVH simulations of vehicles. The model is developed on MATLAB while the simulation is going to be achieved on MSC ADAMS.


Sarthak Vyas Vyas,Sarthak

Sarthak Vyas is currently working as a graduate research assistant under the supervision of Dr. Javad Baqersad in engineering mechanics lab in the field of noise vibration harshness. He is currently working on the Finite Element Modeling of hyper-elastic and visco-elastic materials for dynamic analysis which involved the FEM of skin layers to detect skin cancer using Abaqus CAE and Simcenter (Virtual LMS). He also worked on the Multibody dynamics of an elastomeric bushing using ADAMS View and Motion View.

He holds the bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from a state university known as Ujjain Engineering College Ujjain, India. After completing the undergraduate degree, he worked in Tata Consultancy Services as design/system engineer on the structural topology optimization and durability testing of an Automobile components over Hyper-mesh, Opti-struct and Ls-dyna for 2+ years before joining the Kettering University in Fall 2018 to pursue Master’s in Science in Automotive systems.




Sandesh Prabhu is currently working as a graduate assistant under Dr Javad baqersad in the NVH and Experimental Mechanics lab. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from MITE, Karnataka, India, where he actively participated as a design engineer in FSAE and SAE BAJA and is now pursuing Masters in Automotive systems. He worked for Precision Instrument Co and undertook projects with Product design and development. With his experience in the CAE field, he shows great interest in learning and applying his knowledge in the numerous projects he has worked on. Currently working on Finite Element modelling and analysis of hyperelastic bushings used in Automobile Suspensions for nonlinear hyperelastic behaviour study. His research interests lie in the areas of Powertrain, Powertrain NVH, structural dynamics and noise reduction.


Lei Shi is currently an NVH structural & Driveline development engineer at Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC), who attended the exchange program at Kettering University in China. Now he is working as a research assistant at NVH and Experimental Mechanics lab. He earned both his master degree and bachelor degree in Mechanical engineering at Wuhan University of Technology.

Currently his research is focusing on Experimental Measurement and Numerical Simulation to Optimize NVH Performance of Structural Coated Automotive Components. It is a program which need sound comprehensive abilities in Dream 3D, Abaqus and so on.



Mengxi Liu is currently a graduate student in master of Engineering in Mechanical engineering Program at Kettering University. She is working as a graduate assistant in the NVH and Experimental Mechanics lab and she is the new to this lab and will start from the experimental work , such as Digital Image Correlation Testing, failure prediction and FEM.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in Mechanism design, manufacturing and automatization in China,Yianbian university. After her bachelor’s, she went to work as an advanced manufacturing engineer at Yanfeng automotive interior both China and US for 5 years.

Graduate Theses Advised by Dr. Baqersad

  1. Nitin Edla, “Multiaxial Modeling of Elastomers”, Fall 2020
  2. Prashant Jadhav, “FE Modeling of Electric Motors”, Fall 2020
  3. Sandesh Sanjeeva Prabhu, “FE Modeling and Testing of Elastomers”, Fall 2020
  4. Sarthak Vyas, “Tire Performance Analysis under Tread Separation using Abaqus CAE”, Fall 2020
  5. Abhishek Chawan, “Developing a Featured-based Intelligent Tire”, Summer 2019.
  6. Anand Krishnasarma, “Noise Reduction of Electric Motors for Electric Vehicles” Summer 2019.
  7. Yunlong Han, “Damage Detections in Composites using Vibration Techniques and Acoustic Emission, Summer 2019.
  8. Ashim Khadka, “Vibration Measurement of Wind Turbines using Semi-autonomous UAVs”, Winter 2019.
  9. Vikas Birajdar, “Development of a Tire State Estimator for Improved Active Safety”, Fall 2018.
  10. Vanshaj Srivastava, “Extracting Mode Shapes of a Vehicle using Photogrammetry Technique”, Fall 2018.
  11. Aakash Mange, “Measuring Deformations of Rolling Tires using DIC”, Fall 2018
  12. Rakshita Vivekananda Panchal, “In-Vivo Study of Human Skin using DIC”, Spring 2018
  13. Kedar Bharadwaj, “Strain Expansion using DIC Mode Shapes”, Spring 2018.
  14. Madhu Kandampadath, “Development of a Semi-Analytical Tire Model for Improved Ride and Comfort Analysis”, Summer 2017.
  15. Kiran Patil, “Developing a Multi-View DIC Technique for Full-Field Vibration Measurement of Automotive Body Panels”, Summer 2017.

Undergraduate Theses Advised by Dr. Baqersad

  1. Seth Braybrook, “Engine Mount Characteristic and Durability Testing and Evaluation” Spring 2020
  2. Mikayla Benson, “Elpo Ground Pin Inspection and Cleaning System”, Winter 2020.
  3. Megan Cox, “Cool-down Noise Test Parameter Assessment”, Winter 2020.
  4. Nicholas Drolshagen, “Development of a generalized active noise control box in conjunction with the study of active noise control applications”, Fall 2019.
  5. Amandeep Singh, “Advantages Of 3-D Laser Scanning And Photogrammetry, Fall 2019.
  6. Bethany Schira “Brake Pad Underlayer Frequency Study”, Fall 2019.
  7. Austin Plave, “An Investigation into the optimal design of yoke assembly to reduce clunk in automotive steering systems”, Fall 2019.
  8. Zachary Moore, “Torque Limit Characterization of a Single-Use Mechanical Fuse”, Fall 2019
  9. Kyle Robinson, “Clutch Module Validation Testing”, Fall 2018.
  10. Clarence Rannells, “Comparative Analysis of Greasing Samples For Noise Dampening in Chrysler Assisted Steering Angle Sensor” Fall 2018.
  11. Zackary Balogh, “A Study of a Brake System’s Creep Groan Noise Performance on Both Vehicle and Dynamomete”, Fall 2018.
  12. Andrew Threlkeld, “Implementing Strain Gauges to Instrument Struts in a Planar Clutch”, Kettering University, Fall 2018.
  13. Ezra Ramirez, “Seal Pumping Feature Standarization”, Kettering University, Fall 2018.
  14. Jacob Bacheldor, “Low Pressure Noise Vibration and Harshness Control for Electronic Braking Systems”, Kettering University, Spring 2018.
  15. Veronical Nurak, “Turbocharger Shaft Motion Testing Validation”, Kettering University, Spring 2018.
  16. Andrew Threlkeld, “Implementing Strain Gauges to Instrument Struts in a Planar Clutch”, Kettering University, Spring 2018.
  17. Benjamin Fick, “Development of a Semi-Autonomous Drone for DIC Measurement of Wind Turbines”, Kettering University, Fall 2017.
  18. Kelin Lee, Electric Vehicle Battery Performance Requirements at Various States of Charge, Kettering University, Fall 2017.
  19. Devin Richardson, “A Study of Brake Pad Hardness With Respect To Brake Noise Performance, Kettering University, Fall 2017.
  20. Allen-Michael Skowron, “Mass Reduction Investigation through Casting Pockets in Brake Caliper Housings”, Kettering University, Fall 2017.
  21. Allan Wicker, “Finite Element Analysis of Impact Damage of Helmet, Kettering University”, Fall 2017.
  22. April Dahlman, “Lateral Floor Stand Redesign and Analysis for a Cost-Effective Model”, Kettering University, Spring 2017.
  23. Logan Bell, “2nd Stage Assembly Equipment Alignment: Standardization and Improvement”, Kettering University, Summer 2016.
  24. Cain Olivares, “Airbag Module Side Loading Integrity Specification”, Kettering University, Summer 2016.
  25. Nathan Zatolokin, “Developing a Three-Dimensional Computer Vision System”, Kettering University, Summer 2016.
  26. Andrew Muench, “Analysis of Areas to Implement Uses of 3D Printing in Ford Manufacturing”, Kettering University, Summer 2016.