Bharadwaj, Kedar

birajdarBirajdar, Vikas

Vikas Birajdar is currently pursuing his masters in Automotive Systems Engineering at Kettering University. He is also a Graduate Research Assistant in the Experimental Mechanics Lab under the supervision of Prof. Javad Baqersad. Prior to this, he has worked as a ‘CAE Engineer’ in ‘Jaguar Land Rover Offshore Dedicated Engineering Center’ at TATA Technologies for more than two years. He completed his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Walchand Institute of Technology, India. His current research is focused on mathematical modeling of SWIFT based tires to improve Ride Comfort and Dynamics of Vehicle. His technical interest lies in a Multi-disciplinary Optimization of Automotive Systems dealing with Dynamics, Vibration, Durability and Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) aspects.

Fick, Benjamin

rakshitaVivekananda Panchal, Rakshita
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Rakshita Panchal is pursuing her Master’s in Automotive Engineering at Kettering University and works as a Graduate Research Assistant in the Experimental Mechanics Lab on FEA and NVH related studies. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from UVCE, Bangalore, India. Prior to enrolling in Kettering, she kick started her career in 2014 with TATA Consultancy Services as CAE Engineer working on Powertrain structural components of General Motors for a period of two years.

Her current research involves gauging the health of Human Skin using Digital Image Correlation, non-invasive imaging technique and correlate the results using Finite Element Analysis. The proposed methodology is expected to differentiate between the healthy and diseased skin. On the Acoustics side, she is involved with a project to curb the noise generated from electric motors in EV by simulating in LMS. Virtual Lab. Her research interests lie in Noise and Vibrations, Acoustics and FEA.

ashimKhadka, Ashim
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Ashim Khadka is currently pursuing his Masters in Automotive Systems Engineering at Kettering University. He is a Graduate Research Assistant and has been conducting research in vibration in Experimental Mechanics and NVH lab under the guidance of Dr. Javad Baqersad since 2017. He completed his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. He has taken part in various national and international robotics competitions during his involvement at Robotics & Automation Center in his undergraduate studies.

His research includes strain expansion, vibration of rotating components, structural dynamics, structural health monitoring and, testing and validation. He has worked in correlating the contact (impact hammer, strain gauge, accelerometers) and non-contact (Digital image correlation and photogrammetry) methods of vibration. He is currently carrying out research in structural health monitoring of wind turbines using cameras and benefits of remote access through drones.

vanshajSrivastava, Vanshaj

Vanshaj Srivastava earned his Bachelor’s degree in Automotive Design Engineering from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, India. He previously worked as a summer intern in Engine testing and validation at the Engineering Research Centre, TATA Motors Ltd. India and has actively participated in SAE student events such as FSAE, BAJA and SAE Effi-cycle India.

He is currently pursuing his Master’s in Mechanical Engineering (concentration in Automotive systems) at Kettering University. He has been working as a Graduate Research Assistant under the guidance of Dr. Javad Baqersad since February 2017. He is working on obtaining and evaluating the dynamic characteristics of automotive structures using non-contact optical technique i.e. Digital image correlation technique. He has obtained and evaluated the dynamic characteristic of engine exhaust muffler and is currently working on obtaining dynamic behavior of GM corvette. His research interests lie in the areas of Powertrain, Powertrain Noise Vibration and Harshness and automotive structural dynamics.

aakashUmesh Mange, Aakash

Aakash Umesh Mange has completed his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from VIT University, India. He is currently doing his Master’s in Automotive Systems at Kettering University. He works as a Graduate Research Assistant under Dr. Javad Baqersad. Having presented his results of Impact Testing on a scaled airplane model sparked his interest in the research field of NVH. He is pursuing his thesis in the same field. His current research involves using a non-contact digital image correlation method to measure the vibrations of a rolling tire.

Kettering University’s FSAE car was loaded on the dynamometer to obtain the mode shapes and frequencies of the racing tire in rolling conditions. He is also working on developing a mount which can support high-speed cameras on a car tire to study the dynamic properties of a tire when the vehicle is moving. For acoustics, he plans to experimentally study the electric motor noise.

ashishMendon, Ashish

Ashish Mendon is currently pursuing his masters in mechanical engineering with a specialization in automotive systems. He is working as a graduate assistant under Dr. Javad Baqersad.  His research area includes testing of mechanical systems using various measuring instruments like DIC (Digital image correlation), acoustic emission and ultrasonic transducers and validation of test results using LMS virtual.lab. He completed his bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Don Bosco Institute of technology, Mumbai, India.

abhishekChavan, Abhishek
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An astute researcher having a great exposure to projects involving development of Mobility of the Future, Abshiehk Chavan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical and Automation (Mechatronics) Engineering with a minor degree into Biomedical Engineering. Has worked on 7 projects during his undergraduate degree which speak for his keen interest in Research and Development. Owing to his passion for Automobiles, he steered his career to pursue Master’s in Automotive Systems even after landing a decent job in the Automobile Industry, to learn more in depth about the science of automobiles. He is currently focused on working over the Acoustic Model of Automobile Tires to tackle the issues of tire noise. Channelizing his skills to device techniques and models to minimize the tire noise which is indeed a prominent source of noise in uber quiet electric vehicles and modern IC engine powered vehicles.

anandKrishnasarma, Anand
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Anand Krishnasarma is currently working as a graduate assistant under Dr. Javad Baqersad in the NVH and Experimental Mechanics lab. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Dubai, UAE. After his Bachelor’s, Anand went on to work as a product development executive for Central Motors & Equipment- Dubai, UAE (the exclusive dealers of Bosch Automotive and Osram Automotive in the UAE) for two years, before joining Kettering University in the fall of 2017 to pursue his Master’s in Engineering (concentration in automotive systems).

At this point in time, he is involved in the acoustics extension of the NVHEM lab and is working on a project that is aimed at reducing motor generated noise mainly owing to electromagnetic interference in electric vehicles. The final acoustical simulation will be done using LMS virtual.lab. His research interests lie in NVH and Acoustics, and Vehicle Dynamics.