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Advanced Laboratory Physics Association (ALPHA) Laboratory Share-a-thon/Workshop

At the Joint Fall Meeting of the OSAPS and MIAAPT

Saturday, October 12, 2019

1:15 – 3:15 PM

Kettering University

Flint, MI

Instructors of laboratories beyond the first year of instruction are invited to participate in a share-a-thon/workshop after the end of the main program of the MIAAPT/OSAPS Fall Meeting.  Meet fellow instructors of upper-level labs to share materials, experience, and perhaps learn a new experiment! The specific emphasis of this event will be guided by the interests of the registrants, to be determined by survey.  Breakout discussions on particular topics, such as those described in the AAPT Recommendations for the Undergraduate Physics Laboratory Curriculum, may occur according to interest. Several experiments from various institutions in the Ohio-region will be on display so that participants can gain hands-on experience with apparatus covering topics in mechanics, non-linear systems, and optics.  This share-a-thon/workshop is organized by the Advanced Laboratory Physics Association (ALPhA).

The share-a-thon/workshop is open to all college and high-school instructors registered for the joint OSAPS/MIAAPT meeting. There is no charge to participants, but preregistration by Friday September 27, 2019 is required. If you would like to participate in the ALPhA share-a-thon/workshop and (optionally) bring an experiment to share with your fellow instructors, please check the appropriate box(es) on the meeting preregistration form. All registrants who sign up for the ALPhA event will be contacted with a survey to guide the specific emphasis of the event.

For further questions about the ALPhA event at the joint Fall 2019 OSAPS/MIAAPT meeting please contact:

Dr. Ernest BehringerDepartment of Physics and Astronomy

Eastern Michigan University

Ypsilanti, MI  48197

Office phone: (734) 487-8799