Lab Equipment

The Photonics and Fiber Optics Lab at Kettering University is well equipped for a wealth of optical and electro-optical measurements, from the UV to the near IR (telecom band) part of the spectrum. Undergraduate students have ample opportunities to get involved in research activities in the lab and work with up-to-date equipment most often accessible only to graduate students at larger universities. Most of the equipment was manufactured in 2000 or later, thus highly relevant for a large class of photonics and opto-electronics applications, as well as for general-purpose optics applications.


Optical Tables and Benches

  • Two Newport 4’x 8‘ RS4000 vibration-isolation tables with overhead equipment shelf
  • Several Newport table-top optical breadboards of various sizes
  • Industrial-grade ergonomically designed lab benches with overhead lights and static-dissipative mats

General Opto-Mechanical Hardware

  • A large variety of translation and rotation stages (Newport, Thorlabs, Melles Griot, New Focus, Edmund, etc.)
  • A large variety of mirror mounts, lens holders, posts and post holders, rails and carriers, brackets, bases, etc.
  • High-precision fiber-alignment fixtures

General Purpose Optics

  • large collection of spherical and cylindrical lenses (BK7, fused silica, other), and graded-index lenses
  • A large collection of mirrors and filters
  • Optical flats
  • Polarization optics
  • CCD cameras and lenses, video micrometers and frame grabbers

General Purpose Lasers and Light Sources

  • Red and green HeNe lasers
  • Variable intensity white-light fiber-light sources and fiber guides
  • EFOS UV light source

Specialized Fiber-Optics Test Equipment

  • Ando AQ6317B Optical Spectrum Analyzer (600nm – 1700nm, 0.05 nm resolution)
  • Ando AQ4321D Tunable Laser Source (C-Band, 1540 – 1580 nm)
  • Agilent 8163 Lightwave Multimeter (mainframe, interface, heads)
  • Westover Scientific Fiber Video Scope FV-200
  • Fitel S175 Fusion Splicer
  • Fujikura CT-07BS Fiber Cleaver
  • JDS Uniphase HA1 Optical Attenuator
  • JDS Uniphase BBS Broadband Light Source (1500-1600 nm)
  • JDS Uniphase SB Fiber Optics Switch
  • B&K fixed wavelength lasers (1600 nm, 1310 nm)
  • A variety of fiber cables (jumpers), adapters, and fiber spools
  • A large variety of fiber-optics components (splitters/combiners, attenuators, DWDM filter devices, switches, Fiber-Bragg gratings, etc.)

Specialized Opto-Electronic Test Equipment

  • Newport Model 8000 Laser Diode Modular Controller
  • ILX Lightwave PDA 6424 Photodiode Amplifier
  • Newport 1830-C Optical Power Meters and associated detectors
  • Stanford Research lock-in amplifier and chopper
  • Burleigh Wavelength Meter WA-1500

Other General-Purpose Lab Equipment

  • Power supplies, oscilloscopes and digital multimeters
  • Other

The content of this page was prepared by Corneliu Rablau, Associate Professor of Physics at Kettering University, Director of the Photonics and Fiber Optics Lab.