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Issue 3 Summer 2018

Rec Center ExternalKettering Behind The Scenes: Rec Services

By Preston Buszka 
Assistant Editor

Kettering University has a unique Recreation Services Department compared to other colleges: ours is entirely free to our students, faculty, and staff. At most other colleges it costs money to visit their recreation center or participate in programs or activities, so we have a unique situation. I conducted two interviews on a Tuesday afternoon with members of the Recreational Staff. I started with Nathan Deane, Facility Manager of the Connie & Jim John Recreation Center. He took me on a tour of the Rec Center, and I found out some interesting things about its features and amenities. There are various lockers available all around the facility, most of which require one to bring their lock; however, one can rent a locker in the locker room for $15.00 a term. Restrooms are located through the facility. The locker room also features showers and a steam room. Near the locker rooms, [Continued on Page 2]

Photo Courtesy of Preston Buszka

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Thoughts on a Copy: A GoPrint Review

By Katie Gillies
Submission Writer

Disclaimer: This article has been modified from its original submission to conform to the standards of The Technician.

I created a survey to see how students felt about the GoPrint system. Out of the 38 polls I received back, 92.1% disliked the GoPrint system. Many students believe that GoPrint is less efficient and a hassle to use. They feel this way because the system requires them to log in to release their documents. One respondent said, “It is really confusing. It seems to [require] unnecessary steps to accomplish the same goal as the previous term. I do not feel like the GoPrint system is more efficient.” It generally seems to take longer for the entire printing process as a whole because of the steps that have been added into the process. The new printing system has brought new challenges to the student body that use the printers available on campus. One of the most common comments made was about how the extra step makes the process more difficult. Another common response was that the old system was more straightforward and more user-friendly. Some of the struggles that students have faced with the new printing system are: [Continued on Front Page]

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Convention Reflections

By Jerico Markel
Editor in Chief

Disclaimer: The Technician is Greek neutral. This particular article entails an editorialized reflection on Beta Theta Pi’s 179th General Convention. The Technician does not endorse Beta Theta Pi nor does Beta Theta Pi endorse The Technician. This article is being printed for the benefit of the community

This year Beta Theta Pi held its 179th General Convention in Norfolk, Virginia. Being the broke college student I am, I carpooled there with two of my brothers and spent a grand total of 26 hours on the road between August 2-5th. Needless to say by the time we arrived in Norfolk I was already running on double shots of espresso. My high coffee intake continued throughout the entire weekend. There is a particular reason I decided to write a reflection for this convention and not Beta’s 178th (I climbed a mountain with Adam L. in Utah at that one), that reason being that a proposal for substance free housing was on the ballot for the 179th. This proposal had long been in the works but recent tragedies (Penn State being a prime example) had accelerated it greatly. This is where the real fun starts. If there is one thing that seems to get fraternity men upset it is the removal of alcohol from the chapter house. Substance free covers far more than just alcohol but it was only alcohol that I heard complaints about. Both sides were hotly contested as while the majority of Beta chapters were registered as “dry” in actuality they were not. Our Chapter President (our delegate for the 179th) received [Continued on Page 8]

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