Campus Updates for Spring 2021

Hello Kettering Community!
Since Kettering typically sends very targeted emails with updates regarding our current situation (i.e., Work Term Students only, or School Term Students only) The Technician has taken upon the duty of keeping the uninformed (I’m looking at you, too, A-Section and Alums) more aware of upcoming and current B-Section campus news!

  • B-Section is still ‘hybrid’. There will still be some completely online classes, but for any with a physical location provided you will be “strongly encouraged” to attend, unless you have health reasons…like managing to pick up/be exposed to Covid.
  • The Freshman dorm requirement is back and the special Fall 2020 opt-out no longer applies. Thompson Hall moves in April 3rd and 4th.
  • Students are unable to attend in person until their Covid test returns negative. Kettering estimates the tests take 48-72 hours to return a result, leaving those moving into the dorms on Sunday (and therefore being tested the same day) with a question mark ahead of the first day of classes. 


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B-Section Editor-In-Chief, Mechanical Engineering Major
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